Creators of the personalised book of FC Barcelona

The Story Tailors, makers of the best-selling "The magic of my name", has combined the best of the books personalized with the excitement of football and the figure of the players most admired by kids"The magic of FC Barcelona" is the first book on the market that contains a customised story on the FC Barcelona club, an exciting story where children will feel the main character on his own futbol adventure.

The Story Tailors is a company founded in Barcelona in 2015, by Spanish and German entrepreneurs with extensive experience in marketing, technology and children’s entertainment. The spirit and idea of the company was to create magical and cordial stories that would arouse children’s interest in books and offer parents a pedagogical tool at the same time.

Their first book successfully launched, “The magic of my name”, is a personalized book based on the letters of the child’s name. The book is available in 7 languages and has sold more than 100.000 books in its first year. The company launched on 2016, a new product line, “”, a personalized mini books series (15x13 cm format) dedicated to each member of the family. These books are available in 6 languages and distributed in 14 countries worldwide. On 2017, the company launched another title, a personalized book, “My magical numbers”, based on a special day: birthdaty, baptism, first day of school and now available in English, German, Catalan and Japanese with many more languages to come.

Through a complex algorithm, the system generates books that are not only personalized by the child’s name or special number, but as well tell a unique story full of educational and positive values.

The Story Tailors, S.L.
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