An official product of FC Barcelona


"The magic of FC Barcelona" is an official product of FC Barcelona.


Do you know why this personalised book is so special? Not only because each child becomes the protagonist of their own football adventure, but because it is also a unique and official product that you will only find available online through



How can I tell that this is an official product of FC Barcelona?


Each personalised book from FC Barcelona includes the official seal and logo which states "Official Product of FC Barcelona" on the top right of the cover. In addition to this, to help identify that each book is unique and personalised, the book has a security sticker (including the FC Barcelona hologram) on the back of the book, which accredits it as an authorised and official product.




A book full of values ​​with the name of the protagonist


Each book contains a personalised story with your child's name both inside the book and on the cover. Teamwork, respect, effort and self-improvement are some of the values ​​present throughout the story, which will help to convey the importance of different values to win matches both on the field and in life.


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