Reviews for the personalised book of FC Barcelona


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My son asks me to read it to him every night! Luckily, I enjoy it as much as he does. The book is a dream for any Barça fan!




The personalised book of Barça is great. I have given it to almost all the children in my family, and both the children and their parents have been delighted. I would 100% recommend it.




My son received it as a gift from his grandparents, and the truth is that it takes pride of place on his bookshelf as his favourite book. The story is captivating and the fact that it is personalised, both throughout the contents and on the cover, makes it the best and most unique personalised gift.




Although I really dislike football, I have to admit that it is a very nice book for any child who loves the Barcelona football team. We have expanded the collection of Barça objects even further with this personalised book. Both my son and my husband are delighted!




When I saw it on the Internet it seemed like a cool idea. I like the fact that you cannot just write the name, but also choose the gender, skin and hair colour. The result is a quality and unique personalised book at a reasonable price.




It's a nice gift for Barça lovers. The fact that it is official product and that is endorsed by FC Barcelona is what made me decide to buy it. Once I ordered it online, I received it in about 10 days and the result was even better than I expected.




Everyone in the family is a Barcelona fan. When I saw it posted online and I saw it was available in English, I bought it before I could even think. It arrived a few days later and was protected with plastic packaging. I can’t recommend it enough!




Creating the book is very easy. After a few seconds of writing the child's name, you can see the preview of how the book will look. Good value for money.




It seemed like a nice and fun storybook to give as a gift. It is not your typical personalised book and the fact that you can see the name on the cover makes it even more special.




It is a safe bet for Barça fans. It is very easy to order online, it arrives in a few days and the value for money is very good. The story is also very beautiful with an emphasis on values like teamwork, and you can see the name of the child written both in the illustrations and in the text. Well done!



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