The personalised book of FC Barcelona


"The magic of FC Barcelona" is the first personalised book on the market that contains a story about the Barcelona Football Club. A children's story, aimed at kids aged between 0 to 10 reveals an exciting story full of values, ​​where little ones become the protagonists of their very own personalised book.
A gift for the biggest little Barça fans!



What makes FC Barcelona's personalised book so unique and special?


This is the first time that a children's book from a sports club personalises both the story and the illustrations, thus becoming a unique gift. The little ones (and the not so little ones) will share their colours and the pitch with their idols; Messi, Rakitić, Piqué, in a thrilling personalised story.


The personalised book is an official FC Barcelona product, which is marked on the label on the back cover. With a total of 42 pages, the book includes the name of a special child, both inside and on the cover. Each book is printed digitally, in DIN A4 format on 170g paper. Without a doubt, it is a gift for the biggest football fans in the house!


Do you want to know what it feels like when Camp Nou chants the name of your child? Would you like to see their name on FC Barcelona jerseys? Can you imagine their face when they are sharing the pitch with Messi or Piqué? If so, don’t hesitate to access our page and personalise your FC Barcelona book.


How is magic created in the personalised story of FC Barcelona?


Simply access www.themagicoffcbarcelona.com, select the skin/hair colour and write the protagonist’s name.


The system, as if by magic, will create the personalised book of FC Barcelona with the name of your child on both the cover and the inside. You can preview the personalised book before buying it and you can even add a personal dedication. After adding your personal and shipping information, you can complete the purchase of your personalised book in a completely secure way.



After your order, the printing company will begin producing your personalised FC Barcelona book. When it's ready, the transportation company will do the rest of the magic and deliver it to your home as fast as possible.


We hope you enjoy many captivating moments of reading with the personalised book of FC Barcelona!